ZAMBO PRIETO - Son Jarocho, Cumbia, Reggae, Latina (MX)

Zambo Prieto | Rumba, Reggae, Cumbia, Son Cubano, Salsa, Samba (MX)


Rumba, Reggae, Cumbia, Son Jarocho, Salsa, Samba (MX)

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Zambo Prieto, Rumba, Reggae, Cumbia, Son Jarocho, Son Cubano, Salsa, Samba from México, is much more than a band. They are abrotherhood, whose music originates from African roots. They define their genre as „Urban Latin Beat“. It is a fusion of Son Jarocho (traditional music form Veracruz, MX), Rumba, Reggae, Cumbia, Son Cubano (traditional Cuban music), Salsa and Samba. The idea for the project was created in 2010 during a trip through Mexico, inspired by beaches, mountains, desserts and especially regions where traditional Mexican music originated and still plays an important role. The band, founded in 2011, consists of the following artists today:
Alejandro Flores: Bass, e-bass and background-percussion.
Lizeth Carmona Garcia: Jarana (small guitar, 8 strings), voice,
Mosquito (traditional Mexican string instrument), percussion,
(traditional dance).
Israel Hernandez: Requinto (small guitar, 6 strings),
Leona (4 strings), voice.
Pablo Villavicenico: drums, Congas (Cuban drums).
José Antonio Verano Martinez: Saxophone.
Eduardo Loeza: Tres Cubano (Cuban string instrument).

They are: ZAMBO PRIETO – Rumba, Reggae, Cumbia, Son Jarocho, Son Cubano, Salsa, Samba (MX)


All the members of this unique music project are Mexicans and live in Mexico City, Puebla and Tepoztlan.
Their first single was released in 2011 and was presented at the beaches of Oaxaca, MX. Since then the group was hosted by many cultural centers and played on festivals in and out of the country. During their first tour in Europe in 2011, they visited Poland, Estonia and Lithuania.
While their first single was strongly focused on the roots of Son Jarocho, the musicians started to combine their traditional rhythms with other Latin-American music styles like „Son Cubano“, Rumba, Reggae, Cumbia and Samba in the beginning of 2017. This way they created their new album „Rezumba y Suena“, which was presented in March 2017.
The project „Zambo Prieto“ The so called Son Jarocho is a music style, which originated in the south of the Mexican state Veracruz and still is very popular there. It has it’s own repertoire and partly uses instruments that were especially created for it. Its roots lie in three very different cultures: the indigenous one, the one of the Spanish conquerors and the one of the black slaves they brought with them. Also in Mexico, African slaves had a very dark history form the landing of the Spanish until their liberation through the hero of the Mexican independence, Don José Maria Morelos y Pavón, in 1810.
Who are we?
Based in Mexico City, our vision is a less orthodox interpretation of the Son Jarocho than usual in its homeland, because there are already many fabulous musicians, who stay close to the traditions. The name of the group refers to the different castes that existed during the colonial period, especially the ones of lower social acceptance. People with an indigenous and a black parent were referred to as „Zambo“, while the term „Zambo Prieto“ was used for the offspring of a „Zambo“ and a black slave. The choice of the name is a tribute to those two groups of people, who played a very important role in the creation of Son Jarocho.



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