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JOB: Booking Agents in the whole European Union needed

JOB: Booking Agents in the whole European Union needed

JOB: Booking Agents in the whole European Union needed
JOB: Booking Agents in the whole European Union needed

Coral Riff Management, since 7 years in the world of concerts and events, looks for booking agents for the new roster. We offer to our collaborators all the instruments to make a good job.

The figures we are looking for are freelance professionals with at least three years of experience in this sector, based principally, but not just, in France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands and UK.
We look for also operators coming from other sectors or unemployed or part/time workers, with passion for and culture about music, that feel to be endowed with the necessary skills to carry out this work: respectable presence, good speech, contracting ability, determination, reliability.
The job consists into contact venues and festivals in order to fix gigs for our artists and, possibly, find sponsors for one or more of our events. We make available to our agents all the instruments that have to be used to work with us, including our contacts’ database, a Skype and a Google account with all his products.
The figure can work from everywhere he can connect to the Internet and for the amount of weekly hours that he prefer. Clearly, his incomes depend by his application, so, if he can’t dedicate to it at least 2 hours every day from monday to friday, with few exceptions, the collaboration is gonna be unsuitable for both.
Is still not provided a monthly fixed fee but good commissions and personal satisfactions are guaranteed.

In the new roster a bunch of amazing bands from USA, Central and South America and Europe with great brand new albums to promote and that you can find in the Roster page.

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