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Funky, Salsa, Rumba & Roll, Flamenco Fusión

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La Ganga Calé, Funky, Salsa, Rumba & Roll, Flamenco Fusión, is from Madrid, where for a few years they have been timidly poking their heads and repertoires onto the stages of music festivals throughout Spain, showing off through climactic and passionate live shows, where vivacious rhythms abound, the boiling hot winds—or is it the verses—that are suggestively spicy, a band without insecurities or embarrassment, that elevates the morale of the crowd and paints little smiles on the faces of its audience members.


For some time, the band has been incubating and concretizing so that it can really handle all of the styles and erratic rhythms that it wants to tackle … and the day has finally arrived, Cosquillas de Azotea, their album, is a full-length, full-blown effort, filled with sounds that make you dance, think and travel. This is its first appearance before the general public after having launched a demo a few years ago that offered a sneak peak of the band’s talent.

Perhaps it is the distinct and suggestive tone of La Ganga Cale’s lead singer and lyricist, Kunque’s voice, which makes this epidemic of rhythm and color so contagious. Lyrics that flirt with love itself, that yearn for freedom and that come from the heart. A voice that is surrounded by a smattering of brilliant musicians in their element and ready to give it all they’ve got so that the music sounds calité, qual-i-tay. Perhaps it has been this aspect of the band that has inspired fans to CrowdFund this project in just two months!
Maybe it is this musician-to-fan, heart-wide-open dynamic that has managed to produce a first-rate artistic team responsible for this work that we now present to you…


If we review the content that was recorded in the studios of Jenny Records in Toledo and the sessions at Infinity Studios in Madrid between November 2013 and April of 2014 under the direction of producer Josué García (Producer, arranger and trumpet player in bands like Muchachito Bombo Infierno, M Clan, Miguel Ríos and Estopa among others), what awaits us is a little trip as endearing as it is fun, as much boogie as it is bold. We start with “El astronauta,” “El capitán” or “Vecina,” a few irreproachable commercial staples and catchy hits—popular anthems that spread the exquisite repertoire, “Mamá” is a sincere song, a retrospective tribute, “Bacalao” demonstrates the group’s instrumentalist chops and features rapper Ruzzo from the band Orishas, “La receta de la felicidad” is a song about life, a tribute to health and to love, the Caribbean hype of “Tarde noche” holds its own, “Cada vez” is a heartfelt ballad performed as a duet featuring Anita Kuruba, a vocalist with the band Canteca de Macao, “Perro guardián” is an unstoppable song driven by its contagious chorus, and wrapping up the album, “Déjate de escribir cuentos,” is an earnest finale that delivers us, with a blow, back to reality.


Call them what you want: funky calé, salsa from the hood, rumba & roll or flamenco fusión, in any case they are akin to the rhythm of the soul… all of this and more fits into this band from Madrid, that in reality, wants to be a band of the world: a brazen poetic accomplice, but one that delivers, amazingly orchestrated, everything adds up such that La Ganga Calé is a sure bet for your musical memories.

Kike Turrón.

Cosquillas de Azotea

Cosquillas de Azotea presents its listeners with a new patchwork of styles and sensations, a formula that evades the now over-played mestizaje to embrace new registers with multicultural intention and a marked Cosmopolitan character, to dive into the arms of the rumba, salsa, funk or reggae, strong and consistently but with new energy.



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