Snowapple “WÉXICO” release party @ Rolling Rock Kitchen, Amsterdam (NL)

Snowapple “WÉXICO” release party @ Rolling Rock Kitchen, Amsterdam (NL) 6th JUNE 2018

SNOWAPPLE | Pop, Folk, Opera, Avant-Garde, Cumbia (NL-MX) - April Fools - 06.06.2018 release party
SNOWAPPLE | Pop, Folk, Opera, Avant-Garde, Cumbia (NL-MX) – 06.06.2018 release party

✧ To celebrate this release and to start our European album tour we invite you all to our intimate, Amsterdamse, Mexican release party. We invite you to eat with us, dance till you sweat and don’t stop, sing till you can’t no more and celebrate with us the start of a magical summer!
✧ Our friends from the famous Amsterdam based Cumbia band La Banda Fantastica are joining us in playing all stars out of heaven.
✧ DJ Prende La Vela (Guatemala) will play some records into the night
✧ Release party starts h. 17:00 – Tickets are €10,- and soon to purchase online
See you soon!! ♥

Op basis van hun uiteenlopende muzikale achtergronden vormen de leden van Snowapple een opmerkelijk ensemble. Cross-cultureel en intercontinentaal, opererend vanuit Amsterdam en Mexico staat Snowapple Wexico garant voor eigenzinnige liedjes. Een genre overstijgend geluid dat door menigeen wordt omschreven als popfolk/ opera/ avant-garde-cumbia. ‘Wexico’ komt in de Benelux uit op 8 juni 2018 via Zip Records. Het album is opgenomen in Mexico in de studio’s van bevriende muzikanten. Naast zeven eigen liedjes, waaronder de zomerse single ‘Baby Blue’ is er op ‘Wexico’ ook ruimte voor de Colombiaanse traditional ‘Pescador’, door Snowapple uitgevoerd in een “Spaghetti Western” versie.
La Banda Fantastica
La Banda Fantástica is a Cumbia band formed by musicians from Argentina, Chile, Mexico and The Netherlands that mixes instruments like electric guitar, bass guitar with traditional percussion.
By playing many different sub-genres of cumbia, from Chicha (psychedelic Peruvian cumbia) to cumbia villera (Argentina) and traditional cumbia tracks From Colombia and Mexico as wel as covers from Black Sabbath, The beatles, Policarpo Calle & Pan de Muerto (NL) they create an unique sound that makes difficult not to move.

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